“Atpur in just a few hours”
Is not an emotion … the beauty of the place can be easily felt … Yes, Atpur is where Swamiji took sannyasa. The Ramakrishna Math was built in the house of Baburam Maharaj, the councilor of Ramakrishna Dev … The beautiful and tidy environment of this asarm … is very clean. You can not only talk to yourself, you can discover yourself a new. Another notable feature of Atpur is the Radhagobinda temple built by zamindar Krishnaram Mitra in 16 AD Like the terracotta work of this temple, there are also some other Atchala temples including Rasmancha, all in all the temple campus is very attractive. This is where we will have our vog arrangements. We will go for leisure … to see the pictures in the blue sky clouds. ..Can collect art patterns of some artists.