Baguran jalpai

Baguran jolpai…
(East Medinipur)
Distance…from kolkata 4hours only
Baguran jolpai is a beautiful beach under the Kantai subdivision of East Midnapore. This lesser known beach is only 4 hours away from Kolkata. This place is surrounded by ‘jhau’ trees. Long beach, golden sand, red crabs are the most interesting points of this beach. Spend your leisure time, walk along the long beach during sunrise and sunset, enjoy the solitude of the beach with red crabs. Even the beach is safe for sea bathing, so you can take a sea bath there.
How to get to Baguran jolpai: If you are going by car, you have to take the road to Chandpur before entering Shankarpur. If you come by train, then come to Digha station and take the trek to Chand Pure.
Day 1. Leisure activities on beach
Day 2. Digha, mandarmoni and tajpur sightseen.