Ganagani (Midnapure)
Distance – 139 km from Kolkata
Have you ever seen the color of the mountain become brighter than the color of the sun? Have you ever seen the mountains play Holi with the fiery color of the falling sun? What, that there is a blazing fire burning in the mountains? No, this fire is not a destructive fire. This fire is actually the colorful color of the setting sun. Don’t come to Ganagani to see the serenity of the reddened mountains? Show him that it is not less seen, try it in the light of the eyes. Vision become successful when you will see the river Silabati and the setting sun toghter. Ganagani is located near the town of Garbeta in West Midnapore. Which became reddish in the rays of the sun. It is located 16 km from Kolkata. Have you heard of the Grand Canyon of America? Has anyone seen it? This can be called a smaller version of that Grand Canyon.
Day 1 :  nearest attraction and leisure activities
Day 2 :leisure activities and transfer to station.