Offbeat Purulia ….JAMDOBA (2N / 3D)

For those who are thinking of going to Purulia-Bankura, let’s go to Jamdoba / Tepantar … Outline of mental development … It is a small tribal village with the jungle of Palash, small hills, rural life of simple indigenous people. There is a lot of activity going on inside. It is a great experience to enjoy the beautiful view of sunset and full moon view from the bank of Dwarkeshwar Will play from a distant village.

Key Attractions: Nature …. Come on those who love nature because there is a great lack of both artificial ornaments and arrogance here. Abandoned Avro mine, Dwarkeswar river, small and big plateaus, hills, hills of Paharpur … a beautiful structure. And the fertilizer is natural … organic fertilizer … so the vegetables taste great.

Food: Dheki sliced ​​rice, vegetables, pulses, pond fish, cultivated tomato pickle … eat peacefully. Indigenous people eat. It is very tasty. Indigenous people use very little oil in cooking. Ginger, garlic, onion and other spices So food is very vitamin added.

Accommodation: I was at the farm house. Mud house, thatched shed, natural AC, attached toilet, bamboo house are almost ready for the next season. There are also tents, dormitories.

See: Apart from Purulia, Bankura, several local places can be seen. You can go all the time of the year, but the hot season is quite hot. The rainy season and the winter season is the best. That will be the story of the year. The last request is to keep the indigenous Sauba alive. Let’s find the joy of living, visualize the whole activity.

Distance: 208 km from Howrah station.

Nearest Rail Station : Bankura