Mathaburu (Purulia) 
Distance : 288km from kolkata
Nearest Station :Barabhum
Mata Purulia is a village in the Bagmundi block, Matha Buru (Matha Pahar) is generally known for its scenic beauty. The annual ‘fair’ by the regional community originated in the hills. Many nature camps and rock climbing courses are conducted by various organizations mostly during the winter season. Attractions near the head: Bird Hills is one of the main attractions here. Pardi Dam, Ajodhya Hills, Turga and Bamni Falls etc. Bird hills Bird hill or ‘bird hill’ encourages rock climbing. The hill is laboriously sculpted by a group of artists to create about 65 birds and is spectacular. You can also see the amazing beauty of Pardi Dam, which is about 12 km away from Charida.
Day 1:leisure activities and sightseen
Day 2:same as day 1