Just where the mighty Ganges meets the sea forming thousands of deltas and islets, Sunderban – the world’s largest mangrove forest stands proudly guarding the secrets of an undiscovered land. The natural abode of the famous Royal Bengal Tigers and numerous crocodiles, snakes and deer, this forest with entwining rivers is one of the last strongholds of the wild world.

Distance:  166 kms (approx) from Kolkata
Nearest Town:  Gosaba
Day 1: Tour starts from Howrah station around 7am. and reaches Sonakhali around 9.30am. After whole day launch safari we will reach Pakhiraley at evening and night stay at Pakhiraley private hotel.
Day 2: A whole day launch safari at core area and visit watch towers like Sajnekhali watch tower, Sudhyankhali watch tower, Do-banki watch tower, Netidhopani watch tower. We will be back to Pakhiralay / Jhorkhali for night stay.
Day 3: After breakfast back to Sonakhali via launch around 3.30pm and transport to Sumo. We will reach Howrah around 6.00pm.